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Transnational perspective
Local vs. global perspective

Local and global perspective –

the Alpine Space in the international context

Seen from a local perspective the approach of AlpHouse helps to preserve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the various regions of the Alpine Space. It contributes to raise the usage value of their building stock and to preserve and develop the intelligence of endogenous settlement structures while reducing urban sprawl. Simultaneously the AlpHouse approach supports regional cycles of material, energy and economy as well as the innovative strength of local enterprises. In this way it stimulates thinking and acting across generations in a sustainable way, and it contributes to preserve the distinctiveness of the Alpine Space as a unique cultural heritage in the centre of Europe.


Seen from a global perspective the approach of AlpHouse contributes to a reduction of CO2 emissions. The Alpine Space produces a minor proportion of the global emissions, but its model function as a geographically and climatically extreme space creates a considerable leverage effect: It serves as a paradigm for the development of transferable approaches that show how the overall ecologic footprint of human settlements can be optimized by

  • applying  and updating regional architectural principles in a competent way,
  • respecting specific geographic and climatic conditions,
  • using renewable energy sources and local materials,
  • encouraging small scale economic cycles, and
  • informing and qualifying the local players comprehensively.



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