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AlpHouse – Alpine building culture and ecology


The Alpine Space comprises unique natural and cultural landscapes. These have produced a wide range of characteristic building types, which emerged out of a long-term adaption to climatic and geographic conditions. Today they form an important element of the attractiveness of the Alps as a space for living and recreation.


If we want to preserve and use this cultural heritage, we must bring it into alignment with the challenges and needs of today. We should try to understand the principles of traditional alpine architecture, integrate them in present-day construction, and develop them further. In this way traditional architecture can also be combined with modern technologies and requirements for energy efficiency.


AlpHouse aims at promoting such a farseeing approach to renovations in the Alpine Space. The project explores and collects knowledge and skills in the various regions and passes them on to craftsmen, architects, planners, and decision makers – so that they can develop individual local solutions oriented towards a common understanding of quality.

News & Events
AlpBC: Planen und Bauen in den Alpen "Es gibt nichts zu erfinden, alles ist wiederzuerfinden" Luigi Snozzi (15105) am 10.03.2015
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AlpBC auf der Messe Klimahouse in Bozen
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Internationale Meeting der AlpHouse Center und AlpHouse Contact Points
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Field trip in Slovenia and Austria
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AlpBC: Training modules with the business marketplace
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AlpBC: Building for tomorrow: Handbook for sustainable construction with the catalog of SMEs
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AlpBC: Mehr Ressourceneffizienz durch kluge Raumplanung
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The "Participated Meeting 5" of the COA AlpHouse Center | Aosta, 27th-28th October 2014 c
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The "Participated Meetings" of the COA AlpHouse Center | First results
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AlpBC wird auf der Conference "Alpine Space 2020 Building on Experience: Cooperation towards 2020" durch einen Messestand vertreten sein.
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1. Fachsymposium "Brennpunkt Alpines Bauen"

2. Oktober 2014

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Wärmebrückenkatalog Fenstereinbau (Stand: 12.03.2014)

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Gemeindedialog Baukultur und Energie

"Pilotprojekt des Projekts AlpBC gefördert im Alpenraumprogramm der europäischen Union"

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The COA AlpHouse Center organises the "Participated MeetingTechnical meetings on energy optimisation of the building-plant system"
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Conference "COA Informa" - Presentation of activities of the COA AlpHouse Center | 1st April 2014 | Aosta (IT)
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AlpBC Newsletter 01/2014 published

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AlpBC: 5th Project Meeting 

12.-13. March 2014 | Munich (GER)

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AlpBC at fair "Monumento"

16.-18. January 2014 | Salzburg (AUS)

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AlpBC Workshop: Alphouse Center Traunstein

22 January 2014 | Traunstein (DE)

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Symposium win13

Conference | 29th - 30th Nov. 2013 | Bregenz (AT)

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Energy renovation of traditional buildings

Conference | 5th Nov. 2013 | Aosta (IT)

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AlpBC Stakeholder Workshop Expertenkreis

1st Oct. 2013 | Grabenstätt (DE)

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