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AlpHouse Philosophy I
AlpHouse Philosophy II
Transnational perspective
Local vs. global perspective

Cultural heritage can be a source of innovation

– the AlpHouse philosophy II


From vernacular architecture we can get knowledge and skills that help us to complete and modify currently applied standard methods of energy saving so that that they can be integrated into the local architecture instead of standardizing or destroying it – as is often the case. Used in an understanding way, the cultural heritage can serve as a source of innovative stimuli and a foundation of new and intelligent technologies.


The resulting solutions help to preserve the beauty of the traditional alpine architecture and at the same time continue the process of long term adaptation and innovation out of which it originated. Simultaneously they can help us to manage the large number of pending renovations in the Alpine Space and to make them affordable. Additionally they give us a basis to deal with the legacies of a careless building production in the 20th century in a critical but realistic way.


In the long run these solutions can even give orientation for the construction of new buildings that carry on the local architectural style in a way that is reasonable for our days and that can contribute to a re-establishment of the outstanding alpine building culture.

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