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AlpHouse Qualification Modules

>> Please find our current qualification offers in section News & Events (select "Trainings").


>> Please find all descriptions of modules here

The comprehensive knowledge found and collected by AlpHouse is made available for local stakeholders by qualification modules for individual target groups (>>overview on categories of training modules).


The modules vary in time format ranging from evening workshops to courses lasting several days. Their locations differ according to the subject: theoretical instructions in class rooms, practical trainings in construction halls, and on-site workshops on pilot building sites.


The modules are designed to be attended individually; together they form a coherent course of instruction. The modules are performed and certified by the regional members of the AlpHouse Consortium. Additionally a net based information platform displays extensive material for the support of the learners.

AlpHouse © 2010 - 2024 AlpBC and AlpHouse are projects of the European Union (EU) in cooperation with the Working Group of Alpine Countries (ArgeAlp), lead by the Chamber of Trade and Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria (HWK)

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