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New project AlpBC continues work of AlpHouse


The project AlpHouse is now close to the end of its first funding period, which will end with the year 2012. After that time all its current activities will be carried on by the follow-up project AlpBC. The full name of this new project is


Capitalising knowledge on Alpine Building Culture by performing regional smart planning and consultancy strategies for sustainable development and closed loop economies in the Alpine Space.


This title shows the new orientation, which is to integrate the approach of AlpHouse into a wider framework including regional planning, the establishment of regional consultancy offers (AlpHouse Centres) and aspects of closed loop economy.


Many of the well established offers of AlpHouse will be carried on by the new project. This applies especially for this website and for the training offers (Qualification Modules), which will continue under the well-known label of AlpHouse.


So in order to keep contact with us, you can visit our AlpHouse homepage as you have done before and you will continue to get our newsletter. Additionally we will shortly inform you on the new project website, which will display background information on the AlpBC project, while our contact with you and all our target groups will go on by this website (www.

AlpHouse © 2010 - 2024 AlpBC and AlpHouse are projects of the European Union (EU) in cooperation with the Working Group of Alpine Countries (ArgeAlp), lead by the Chamber of Trade and Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria (HWK)