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Criteria for listing SMEs and Experts 


The criteria for listing SMEs are:

  • Their place of business is in or close to the pilot region.
  • They are experienced in renovation of buildings (by AlpHouse trainings or other work), are familiar with traditional crafts techniques, are interested in an innovative promotion of the conjunction of crafts, architecture, and energy technology, and are willing to work according to AlpHouse quality standards.
  • The regional selection of connected SMEs and experts shall have a proportionate distribution over the various trades and crafts.

As AlpHouse can not prove the overall qualification of an enterprise, we list single persons that have qualified in our trainings. 


The criteria for listing experts and trainers are:

  • Experts and trainers have either participated in our analysis of pilot regions or
  • have performed one or more of our qualification modules as trainers or
  • have provided knowledge to AlpHouse by their inputs, e.g. by articles, technical solutions or material for trainings.
  • They are willing to cooperate with AlpHouse over a longer period of time, e.g. by participating in the development of qualification modules.
  • They express their interest to be presented on the AlpHouse homepage and the AlpHouse training institution agrees to the listing.

>> How can I get listed as an SME / expert / trainer?



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